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Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest rates of education exclusion all over the world. Nearly 1.8 million children in Kenya aged 6-17 years are out of school.

We believe that education can be used to equip and transform communities that are left behind. We are committed to making quality education accessible to learners, training teachers, and ensuring holistic learning for all school stakeholders.

Our logo emphasizes that societies are sustained through each available hand (collaborators). Through our collaborations, we have supported 450+ learners through scholarships, trained 100+ teachers on pedagogy and accountability, empowered 200+ teachers and 100+ households with psycho-social support, and fostered youth leadership through student leadership programs.


Did You Know

  • Nearly 1.8 million children in Kenya aged 6-17 years are out of school (UNESCO, 2021)
  • As of June 2021, there were 1,677 APBET institutions in Nairobi, with a student enrollment of 317,429 children
  • Approximately, 1408 people commit suicide yearly in Kenya; these cases are linked to mental health (WHO)
  • Only 5% of teachers in Kenya's informal settlements (most of which are staffed in APBET schools) had received any teacher training (ERP-III Report)
  • Only 29% of Kenyan population have access to improved sanitation facilities (UNICEF)
  • APBET schools depend on school fees for sustainability. Over the Covid-19 period,26 APBET schools in Mathare (Nairobi Kenya) closed due to lack of financial flow


One day, quality education will become an accessible reality to all children in Africa


To ensure access to quality education and support of Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) and creation of child-friendly learning environments through Teacher training, equipping of school management and accountability skills and scholarship provision in community schools located in resource constrained areas in Africa.


  • To pursue excellence in all areas of engagement
  • To encourage the use of imagination in developing ideas and solving problems
  • To improve capacity through learning from and with each other
  • To do it right, especially when no one is watching
  • To cultivate a culture of working together towards finding solutions
  • To embrace and drive change through the learners.

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