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“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and for you to walk the journey, if you want to walk fast, walk alone, but if you want to go far, go together.” The combination of these two familiar quotes anchors the reality of EducAfrica Foundation’s journey in the year 2022. As the world continued to open and realign to the lifting of restrictions, human resilience was still being put to test. That you can read this, is evidence that you managed, and we applaud you for standing tall in the midst of the demanding time.

One key moment of 2022, was when we had lunch with EA alumni who are now pursuing university studies because of the immense support over the last 7 years. Witnessing their transition from primary to university, was a major booster to rekindle our ‘why’.

Why do we continue doing this, despite the many challenges the last 3 years have had on our fundraising and program implementation? There is a Swahili saying that states ‘Haba na haba, hujaza kibaba’ (Loosely translated as – small and consistent actions, always lead to a huge reward’- this was evidenced by the students. Thank you for trusting us through making this reality possible for our alumni and their families.

Kenya is now back to its normal academic program of having three academic terms in a year. This is a welcomed relief for the children’s, teachers’ and parents’ well-being. To this effect, we intend to continue implementing our psychosocial first aid program, with the long-term goal of establishing robust guidance and counselling departments in all our partner schools. This is to be complemented by the Student Council program which aims to foster and teach 21st Century skills to the student leaders in our partner schools.

We remain committed to every child we are honoured to serve. Our engagement with our partners is informed by an understanding that everyone has something to give. The perspective of always looking for what is, other than what is not, allows our partners to see the potential they have to be active participants in solving their problems. We shall continue telling stories of hope, victories, wins etc., regardless of how small they may seem. As it is fondly stated, A journey of 1000 miles, begins with a single step. Let us continue walking together towards imparting change in the communities we serve.

Thank you.

Wishing you a year of walking together.


Michael Babu

Executive Director,

EducAfrica Foundation 

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