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Lizmarion Achieng: Thank You EducAfrica

My name is Lizmarion Achieng, a 19 years old. I am the second born in a family of three children. I was born in Huruma, a low-income residential estate located in the northeast of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. I was raised partially in Huruma and later in Mathare, the oldest and second-largest urban slum in Kenya after Kibera. Growing up in these communities has been an opportunity for me to dream bigger and dare to hope for a brighter tomorrow. My industrious mother stayed committed to catering for our basic needs with the help of the scanty income she earns from beadwork. Survival has been our way of life at home, not forgetting the many cold nights we have had to sleep in a doorless house because rent became a luxury. Sleeping in empty bellies became a norm in our household.

School before today

I attended primary school at Destiny Junior Education Centre in Mathare and eventually scored 313 marks on the primary national exams(KCPE). Pursuing secondary education was a reality that proved to be unattainable upon clearing primary school education. Fortunately, my KCPE grade opened the door to a study scholarship from EducAfrica Foundation which turned my dreams into reality. The scholarship inspired me to hope more and propelled my transition into high school where I attained a B- in the national secondary exams(KCSE). 

Life in the University

I have not attended a college or university yet but I would really like to join Kenyatta University soon to pursue nursing. I grew up wishing to be an architect but lately, I have realized that I am passionate about nursing and I would like to practice it. Currently, I am volunteering with EA under their Psychosocial First Aid(PFA) program. I help the foundation in running psychosocial support sessions among students and teachers in some of Nairobi’s community schools such as we engage St.James Education Centre in Mathare. I am currently seeking financial assistance to enable me to begin my university journey. 

The EducAfrica scholarship really helped me in my secondary since at no particular time had I missed school. I wish I can continue my education at the university because I would like to bring change to my community; I would like to enable more access to basic education for children in my community. Through nursing, I would like to enable access to health care in my community too. 

To you who is giving to EducAfrica Foundation, please remember that your spirit of giving goes a long way to make hope possible for children in my community and beyond. To start or continue donating to EducAfrica, please click here:

Thank you.


This article was written by Jeff Obonyo

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