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EducAfrica holds inaugural debate contest

EducAfrica Foundation held its inaugural interschool debate competition on 7th June 2023 in Mathare(Nairobi, Kenya). Student leaders from two of our partner schools, Golden Bells and St.James Education Centre engaged in this lively discussion. The debate featured the motion, ‘Technology has brought more harm than good.’ It was an activity under EducAfrica’s Student Council (alias Student Leadership Empowerment) program. The Foundation aims to equip learners and student leaders with 21st-century competencies such as problem-solving, collaboration, self-awareness and respect. In this article, we’ll delve into the highlights of the contest and explore the invaluable lessons learned.

Fostering Public Speaking 

Public speaking can be intimidating for many, but the contest offered a supportive and encouraging space for students to build their confidence and express themselves articulately. “Through this debate, the student gained valuable insights into the art of persuasive communication, empowering them to effectively convey their ideas in various settings,” said Tr. Benjamin Anyanga from Golden Bells.

Encouraging Respectful Dialogue

Promotion of respectful dialogue and empathy among the participants was a key highlight. The debaters were divided into two teams: one arguing for the motion, and the other against it. They presented their arguments with passion and conviction, drawing on a range of examples to support their positions. The discussions were held with courtesy and respect for opposing views.

Bad Side of Technology

The team arguing for the motion pointed to the negative effects of technology on our mental health, social skills, and privacy. They argued that technology has made us more isolated, distracted, and vulnerable to cybercrime. They also highlighted the impact of technology on the environment as a result of our constant need for new gadgets and machines that pollute the environment. 

Good Side of Technology

The team against the motion, on the other hand, argued that technology has brought more good than harm. They pointed to the many ways in which technology has improved our lives; in education, agriculture, transport, communication and healthcare. Both teams presented strong arguments and the team against the motion emerged the winner, based on the strength of their arguments and their ability to engage the audience. Ultimately, the debate was declared a success by the chair, Dennis Kyalo, one of EducAfrica Foundation’s scholarship beneficiaries.

This article was written by Jeff Obonyo

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