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EducAfrica Foundation recently participated in the Values and Life Skills Cluster Workshop, which was organized by Global e-Schools and Communities Initiative GESCI. The workshop’s main objective was to explore ways of capacity building for the members of the Regional Education Learning Initiative (RELI) Values and Life Skills (VaLi) Cluster. ADAPT seeks to build capacity of national education systems in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda to integrate Assessment of Life Skills and Values(ALiVE) into the curriculum and decision-making processes; to achieve the following outcomes and outputs;

1. Knowledge and learnings about how education systems in East Africa can better integrate summative assessment results (like ALiVE) to improve curriculum design and delivery consolidated.

2. A learning community focused on developing and transferring capacity to measure and utilize assessments of 21st Century Skills across the three Global Partnership for Education countries established and strengthened.

Also attending the workshop were organizations such as Zizi Afrique, Lwala Community Alliance, Kakenya’s Dream, Strathmore University, and Educate!

A survey filled by the team indicated that most members wish to have capacity building around research and evidence generation. During the workshop, the mode of delivery, duration and topics to be covered were discussed.

This meeting also provided a chance to discuss the membership of the ADAPT Project Advisory Committee and ways to communicate better about the impact of the RELI initiatives in transforming education.

The ADAPT project, which is also implemented in Uganda and the United Republic of Tanzania is funded by the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) under the Knowledge and Innovation Exchange (KIX) program.

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