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My name is Hesbon Bahati. I am 20 years old. I am the firstborn in a family of four, my mother and my two siblings who study at Destiny Junior Education Centre in Mathare(Nairobi, Kenya). My mother is the breadwinner of our family, she takes care of everything. We see her suffering a lot and I hope and dream that we will make her proud. When I was granted a scholarship by EducAfrica Foundation, I was really touched because our family is not well-off; therefore, having aid to my education was something of great benefit. This support gave me hope and courage to focus on my future, especially because tuition fees in high school were higher than in primary school. Since my mother was solely paying our school fees, house rent, food, medication and other necessities, but through EducAfrica Foundation scholarship, I was have been nurtured to focus more on my studies. 

Life in Highschool

In high school, I participated in most co-curricular activities because I realized my talents in some of these activities. In form one, I engaged in drama and participated in county and sub-county drama competitions. From form 2 to form 4,  I engaged in scouting as the commander. I also engaged in music festivals where I did my best to the national competitions in 2019. In form four, I got the chance to be the school captain, a leadership role that I used to serve the young ones in school. I decided to mentor them to make them feel safe while in school. 

To our Donors

To the donors, I am so happy and delighted to be supported by you. I lack words to express how thankful I am, but May God bless you and guide you. May He give you many years to see more results of your generosity. To EducAfrica Foundation, a team that is well composed, I love you because of how you run your projects and your financial and psychosocial support. I am truly delighted to be a beneficiary of EducAfrica Foundation. It is wonderful that you are mentoring young children through education and I believe that it will benefit every child. 

I hope to pursue a Diploma in Education at Kenyatta University then proceed to a degree, master’s then Ph. D later on. I believe that I will work hard to become a lecturer and the president of Kenya. I also wish to volunteer with EducAfrica Foundation because you have helped me to come this far and I believe we are going further together.

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