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My name is Reinhard Maina Odise. I am born into a family of 4 siblings. I am the firstborn in the family. I am 19 years old. When we heard that I had been granted the EducAfrica scholarship, my family was full of joy because paying school fees was a huge burden. From that moment, I was assured of completing my high school education and achieving my dream career. 

There were many challenges in school but I had to stay committed to my studies and be someone great in life. I played several activities in high school such as art, chess, guiding and counselling, but my favourite was basketball. After high school, I hope to join the University of Nairobi to pursue a Bachelor of Construction Management. I would also like to volunteer with EducAfrica Foundation as a mentor to the current beneficiaries of their projects. 

I would like to say a big thank you to the donors whose support has enabled me to finish my high school education. Initially, the thought of pursuing a high school education seemed impossible, especially to my parents but you have made it possible. I also appreciate the efforts of EducAfrica Foundation and hope that it continues to support as many students as possible.

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