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EducAfrica is Transforming Learning Spaces

EducAfrica Foundation’s commitment to fostering civic education and 21st-century skills has taken a tangible form through the Student Council program, a leadership empowerment initiative at its partner community schools in the heart of Mathare(Nairobi, Kenya). A recent success story unfolded at Golden Bells Education School, where student leaders demonstrated remarkable initiative and problem-solving skills.

Election of Student Leaders

In a proud moment for Golden Bells Education School, students recently exercised their democratic right by electing their leaders through the Student Council program. This initiative aims to empower learners not only academically but also as responsible and proactive members of their community.

Identifying a Sanitation Challenge

The newly elected student leaders wasted no time in identifying a pressing issue within their school – sanitation. With over 140 students sharing the learning space, the school previously depended on a single hard broom for cleaning the entire premises. This situation posed a significant challenge to maintaining a clean and safe environment for learning.

Innovative Solutions from Student Council

Demonstrating impressive problem-solving skills, the student leaders convened to brainstorm effective solutions. Their proposal was simple yet impactful – each student would contribute a minimal amount, ranging from sh 5-10, to fund the purchase of additional brooms for the school. The goal was not only to address the immediate need for more cleaning tools but also to instill a sense of ownership and responsibility among the students.

Successful Fundraising Campaign

The fundraising campaign, driven by the students’ enthusiasm and determination, lasted for two weeks. During this time, the students engaged with their peers, teachers, and even the wider community to garner support for their cause. The result was nothing short of impressive – they successfully raised enough funds to procure 4 additional brooms for the school.

Improving Sanitation, Fostering 21st Century Skills

The procurement of these brooms marks a significant improvement in sanitation within the school. Beyond the tangible outcome of a cleaner learning environment, the initiative showcased the embodiment of 21st-century skills – initiative, problem-solving, and collaboration – among the student leaders.

Parting shot

Golden Bells Education School’s Student Council has set a shining example of how young minds, when given the opportunity, can identify and address real-world challenges within their learning spaces. The success of this initiative not only enhances the daily lives of the students but also underscores the importance of instilling civic responsibility and problem-solving skills in the educational journey.

As we celebrate this achievement, EducAfrica Foundation remains committed to nurturing such initiatives that empower students to become active contributors to positive change within their communities. Through programs like the Student Council, we continue to shape future leaders who are not only academically proficient but also socially conscious and proactive.

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