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Impact of WASH Training in EducAfrica’s Community Schools

EducAfrica Foundation is dedicated to nurturing civic education and equipping students with 21st-century skills. This dedication is exemplified through the Student Council program, a leadership development initiative that we facilitate at our partner community schools in Mathare, Nairobi, Kenya. We believe in empowering students to become leaders in their communities and beyond.

In the heart of Golden Bells, one of our partner community schools, a powerful movement is underway—one that goes beyond textbooks and classrooms. Soap, skills, and synergy are the driving forces behind a remarkable success story emerging from our recent Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) training. Our partner community schools in Nairobi Kenya are not just educational institutions; they are evolving into centers of cleanliness and learning, thanks to the inspiring efforts of our student leaders.

The Journey Begins

The journey began with a simple yet profound goal: to equip 37 student leaders with the skills they need to foster a clean and safe learning environment in their schools. In a previous training session, we delved into the world of liquid soap-making, providing these young leaders with a practical and valuable skill set.

Remarkable Leadership Unveiled

What happened next was nothing short of inspiring. The student leaders, fueled by the spirit of initiative, took charge of their newfound skills. Armed with knowledge and enthusiasm, they embarked on a mission to not only improve their immediate learning surroundings but to encourage their fellow students to join the cause.

The Real Impact

The impact of their actions rippled through the community, creating a positive wave of change. It wasn’t just about making soap; it was about instilling a sense of responsibility and pride in these young minds. Witnessing the transformation, it became evident that the skills acquired in the training were catalysts for something greater—a shift in mindset and a commitment to cleanliness and learning.

Encouraging Fellow Students

One of the most heartening aspects of this journey was the way our student leaders actively encouraged their peers to learn the art of liquid soap-making. Through peer-to-peer interactions and engaging initiatives, they fostered a sense of community and shared responsibility. The ripple effect continued to spread, reaching every corner of Golden Bells community school.

Creating a Positive Impact

The inspiring journey of our student leaders is a testament to the positive impact that education coupled with practical skills can have on a community. The once-muted corridors now echo with enthusiasm and a shared commitment to cleanliness. The school compounds, once neglected, now serve as shining examples of what collaboration and leadership can achieve.

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